Delphi 8 Easter Eggs

  1. Invoke the About box with Help | About..., then hold down Alt whilst typing TEAM. This produces a transparent window overlaid across the working area of the screen with a message in a big font announcing that Borland Rules! You can dismiss this transparent window using a button below the message whose caption reads Okay, I understand.

    However 5 seconds after invoking the Egg an extra button surreptitiously appears on the left side of the screen with a caption of Team. Pressing this button initiates the fun part – the simplistic shoot ‘em up game.

    The names of the entire Delphi 8 for .NET team drop slowly from the top of the screen at random horizontal positions and you can control a base ship (represented as a PC) at the bottom of the screen using the left and right cursor keys. The space bar fires a bullet (a nicely wrapped Easter Egg) up the screen and if you hit a team member’s name you get 10 points (your score is displayed at the top right of the screen).

    There are some names in particular you should aim for in order to get a special response:

    • Delphi Team - a picture of the Delphi team:

    • Delphi MDA Team - a picture of the four guys responsible for the MDA support:

    • DevRel - the Developer Relations team:

    • Corbin - shows Corbin Dunn (the author of this Easter Egg) astride a large frog:

    • Corbin Dunn - takes you to Corbin's web site at

    • Amber Hein - a photo of Amber with her new baby:

    • Subby - shows you a selection of Subaru cars in the office car park:

  2. Both the Integrated Translation Manager and thr External Translation Manager tools have credit listings, accessible in exactly the same way as with the Integrated Translation Manager in Delphi 6.

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