JBuilder 3.5 Easter Egg

Choose Help | About... (Alt+H, A) to invoke the About box.
As you type letters in the About box, they are displayed on the window, move for a small distance in a random direction, then fade away. Letters that are from the Easter Egg key sequence are displayed in blue. Incorrect letters are displayed in black.

If you type in PrimeTimeLateNightThirdWave, (case is irrelevant) the hidden message appears. The text box slides down from the top of the form, whilst the top left corner of the About box appears to curl up to reveal a picture of the key JBuilder developer, Blake Stone.

The text box has five headings that you can click on to get lists of people from various departments: Research & Development, Quality Assurance, International, Publications and Marketing. You can also remove the text box by clicking the cross at its top right.

Clicking on the photo causes the About box to uncurl itself back to normal, covering the photo.

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