Quattro Pro for Windows 1 Easter Eggs

  1. Type any garbage into a cell (e.g. abc) Select Data | Parse (Alt+D, P)
    Select Create (Alt+C)
    Select Edit (Alt+E)
    Type: ???


  2. Select Help | Contents (Alt+H, C)
    Choose: Search (Alt+S)
    Find: "Developer mode" by typing 'dev'
    Choose: Show Topics (Alt+S, or Return)
    Choose: Go To (Alt+G, or Return)
    Drag the scrollbar thumb to the bottom of the scroll bar
    Move mouse under last piece of text ("Dialog window properties") - the mouse cursor should change to a hand
    Click on mouse button to see a help topic called "The Cast" (which is how it will appear in the history window)

    The link takes us to a help topic called "Behind the Stage":

  3. There was additionally something else that slipped, unwanted, into the first batches of Quattro Pro for Windows 1. One of the sample files, called SECOND.BAR, had an unfortunate ASCII string stored within it, which could be viewed with a file viewer or by using the DOS TYPE command. Here is a section of the output from LIST.COM. This was due to the support engineer who first created the sample file choosing the informal file name, which was then stored in the file:

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